1. Mention that you do not agree the proposed solution. State the alternative solution that you would expect to be implemented. Since this is the first letter, do not blame or threaten. If the problem is not solved you can mention about your planned course of action.
  2. Mention the problem and your disagreement.
  3. Support your point of view with appropriate evidence.
  4. Mention the solution that you would like to see. Also, state what measures you are ready to take to get the desired results.
  5. Thank the reader and express your confidence to reach an amicable solution.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

In March, I increased my retirement holdings from 12% to 15% of my monthly salary. This amount is being withheld from my pay every month, as shown in the attached photocopy of the withholding form. Surprisingly, when I checked my withholdings with James Dale, who is in charge of benefits, the records do not reflect the change as well as any credit of the extra amount to my retirement fund.

Kindly correct the withholding records to reflect the increased deductions from March 2011 as well as the legitimate interest. I appreciate your fast action on this matter.


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