1. Write this letter shortly, however, provide ample details about the support that the reader has given; this is for him or her to know that you are grateful for his or her endeavor and that they were helpful.
  2. Tell the reader that you are thankful for the sympathy that he or she showed.
  3. If necessary, discuss how his expression was helpful for you.
  4. End with a statement of your gratitude or expectation for a future relationship.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

I really must express my gratitude for the help you freely gave me to pass my Spanish class. I realize how busy you are and know that it took a lot of time to get me ready for the test. I know I was on the verge of failing the class, and I could not get my head around the language at all. Your patience was much appreciated, and it is through your help that I have managed to pass the class with one of the best marks.

You are the sort of family friend that anyone would love.


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