Sympathy sample letter for a colleague's death


  1. In writing a letter of offering sympathy for the death of a business colleague, courteously recognize the receiver's hardship while giving him or her comfort and encouragement. Be tactful, truthful and genuine while you write the letter, if possible, write it by hand and on a personal stationery. Do not write business specifics like benefits or distributions on the letter. You can write about these things some other time.
  2. Make him or her feel your sympathy.
  3. Reminisce the deceased's success and his or her character, or one of your beautiful memories about your relationship with the deceased.
  4. Give additional sympathy and encouragement.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

The news of Sarah's death has come as a great shock; it has happened all so quickly. Sarah was one the hardest workers I had ever met, and it was this work ethic that led to her success in her business life. I do remember her though as much more than a business person, and I will miss her as a friend as well. I would like to add my personal donation to the Sarah Hardy Memorial Trust; it is the least I can do in memory of a great woman.


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