1. If you are not able to give a reliable recommendation, tell them your remorse feeling, and recommend someone else who will be more suitable for the position to do so. Don not write or give any degrading comments. Do not write or give personal opinions and statements unless they are meant to compliment or that will be useful to the candidate
  2. Provide a clear explanation so, in that way, you won'??t or somehow not provide the recommendation.
  3. Send him or her good luck.


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[Recipients Name]
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Dear [Recipients Name],

I received your letter of recommendation request yesterday. I hope you understand that I will have to decline your offer. Letters of recommendation are recognition of your job skills, expertise, and work habits. As such, they are most valuable when they are written by supervisors and colleagues who have worked closely with you. Although we work for the same company, we work in different departments with different duties. Also, I have as I have only known you for a relatively short period I feel it would be remiss of me to comment on your professional strengths, skills, and abilities. I was flattered that you considered me to write your recommendation but feel that to best support you in your job search you could choose someone more appropriate. Good luck with your job search!


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