1. In writing a letter of offering sympathy for the friend or a family, courteously recognize the receiver's hardship while giving him or her comfort and encouragement. Be tactful, truthful and genuine while you write the letter, if possible, write it by hand and on a personal stationery.
  2. Make him or her feel your sympathy.
  3. Reminisce the deceased's significance on the reader.
  4. Give additional sympathy and encouragement.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

It was with a tremendous sense of loss that I read about the death of Daniel. I know that I will miss him. I will never get to experience his humor and gentle nature ever again.

I know that this time is terrible for you, and you should know that you are both in my prayers every night. I know that you are going to have a lot to do and think about, so if there is anything that I can do, I will hope that you would tell me. Please phone me and I am at your disposal.


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