Sorry for your loss letter


  1. In one short paragraph, say sorry for the loss, reminisce on the good times with the deceased and offer help to the bereaved.


[Senders Name]
[Address line]
[State, ZIP Code]

[Letter Date]

[Recipients Name]
[Address line]
[State, ZIP Code]

[Subject: Normally bold, summarizes the intention of the letter] -Optional-

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. Words cannot express how saddened I am very by this news. He was a great man, and he touched the lives of many. He was a good friend. In fact, the best friend anyone can ask for. We will miss him, but he will remain alive in our hearts and our minds. Take heart my dear. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during these trying moments. If there is anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to let me know. My condolences once again.


[Senders Name]
[Senders Title] -Optional-

[Enclosures: number] - Optional -
cc: [Name of copy recipient] - Optional -

Sorry for your loss letter.

Further things to consider when writing sorry letters to acquaintances

Sorry Letters

I'm sorry letters are letters you write to regretfully acknowledge a mistake, offensive behavior, or failure. Such letters are also written to comfort others at a time of disappointment or grief. I'm sorry letters should be sincere to make sure that the message is effective and that it doesn't cause more hurt. Although sometimes saying I'm sorry in person may convey more sincerity, there are other times when a written 'I'm sorry' might be the preferred method or otherwise your only option. It could be a personal or business I'm sorry letter, but either way you need to acknowledge the recipient's hurt feelings.

Excellent I'm sorry letters are brief and usually carry the intended message clearly. Start by mentioning what your letter is about. State exactly and descriptively, what you are sorry for, without adding unnecessary details. Acknowledge that you know how much the recipient is hurting. Express your gratitude and mention other achievements the recipient has had in the past to show that you really appreciate him/her and you are sorry for what he/she is going through. Offer suggestions that will make the situation better. Say sorry again at the end of the letter and close positively.

Letters to Acquaintances

Letters to acquaintances are letters you write to people that you know slightly, but who are not close friends. An acquaintance could be a colleague at work but whom you do not interact with on a regular basis, a person you went to school with but know little about him/her, or your Facebook contacts whom you interact with on a minor level. You could write a letter to this person to ask for a favor, invite him/her to a social event, or just pass some information. Although most people would opt for a social media message or text, a well-drafted letter will make the recipient see the seriousness of the matter and feel obliged to return the favor.

The best letters to acquaintances are warm, sweet, and friendly. Begin the letter with a proper salutation, based on your relationship with the recipient. State the purpose of the letter and be clear about what you want from the recipient. If you are asking him/her to do something for you, for instance, mention why you think he/she is the best person to get it done. Make the letter short and only provide the necessary details. Conclude on a positive note.

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