Sample Collection Letters

Find inspiration in our curated catalog of collection letters. Each sample letter comes with guidelines and advice to help you find the right words.

Collection Letters

Collection letters are written notifications or official messages sent by a creditor, business owner, or company to customers to inform them of a past due balance. Collection letters usually notify the customers of money owed including instructions of how to make a late payment. They may also include warnings for potential penalties due to late payments or non-payments and notifications for possible legal actions in the event the recipient fails to settle his/her account. Collection letters have been used in instances such as reminding students of overdue tuition fee, requesting customers to pay their credit card bills, demanding payment for a sent parcel, and much more.

Collection letters are usually written in a series. The first letter is just a simple reminder and the tone changes to a more direct and demanding one with successive letters. Constantly remind the customer that your payment is due or past due and request him/her to pay you immediately. Use a polite tone to avoid hurting your relationship with the customer. Include the amount of debt the customer must pay and indicate the next deadline. Mention the consequences of late payment and close the letter on a positive note.

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